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Ways To Beautify Your Sloped Front Yard

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Your home may not be situated on much of an incline, but landscaping a sloping front yard can present some unusual challenges. Some of the foliage in your yard might get too little water while other parts can end up being submerged after heavy rainfall. With an appropriate landscape design, the soil, mulch and pebbles in your yard can be kept in place with ease. Use the following advice to manage the space in your sloped front yard and give the area in front of your home much-improved curb appeal.

Add a Tiered Terrace

Divide your front yard into a tiered terrace to help keep all plants more stable and to define a landscape design that's well organized. You can create invisible tiers with a bit of chicken wire or stack up bricks to help hold each layer of foliage in place. Each terrace tier may be narrow or wide, dependent on the landscape design you have in mind. Try making the bottom tier a little larger than the rest so that your front yard space looks larger and is structurally more stable.

Create a Sloped Garden

Choose plants that are vibrant and hearty for a landscape design that's bold and eclectic. Plant vines that will naturally creep down, around, and over existing flowers and shrubs for a traditional look. Hawaiian spider plants thrive in dry soil, so you don't have to worry about installing a complex irrigation system. Sloping gardens can be quite convenient to maintain if you select foliage that requires good amounts of sun and conservative amounts of water.

Use Rocks for Definition and Better Retention

Natural rocks also work well to enhance the look of sloping front yards. They can be used to help keep large, heavy plants in place, and they also can help to dissuade erosion. You can even use flat rocks to pave a path right through the foliage. Choose various rocks for their color, texture, and size, then place them along different parts of the slope for an intrinsic landscape design.

Some homeowners with sloped front yards prefer to use artificial grass, mulch, and other materials that need little maintenance because drainage can be a continued issue. On the other hand, you might just want to plant one large, shady tree to encompass your entire landscape design. However you choose to layout your sloping front yard, consider all of the seasons and weather changes that will be taking place.

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