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Preparing For A Propane Gas Delivery

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If you recently purchased a home that uses propane gas for heating the interior and you have not yet used this type of energy source in the past, you are likely wondering what the process entails when you receive a delivery. Here are preparations to make before a delivery truck arrives to ensure the process of having your tank filled is successful.

Contact A Propane Delivery Service

When you move into a new home, you are required to make contact with a provider of propane to heat the interior of your structure. If you already have a tank on the property, you need to contact the company name on the tank itself, as it may have been rented from the business by the previous homeowner. Most propane delivery services will only fill tanks provided by them. If you opt not to use the same company as listed on your tank, the tank will need to be removed by its original company, and a new one will need to be obtained from the business you hire for delivery service.

Move Items Away From The Truck's Path

Some propane delivery services will alert you of the date they are going to arrive with your gas, while others will show up depending upon their delivery schedule in your area. It is best to be prepared in advance by moving away key items within the pathway to your tank. Make sure to park vehicles far enough away from the tank so the delivery truck can access it without difficulty. If you have heavy machinery, yard equipment, or toys, move these away as well. This way the delivery driver can get to your truck without having to find you to move items.

Inquire About The Amount To Be Delivered

Most propane delivery companies will not top off a tank completely but will add just enough fuel to get you by until your next scheduled delivery. If you need a specific amount of propane, contact the delivery service in advance of their visit to alert them about your requested need. This also works if you are unable to pay for a large amount of propane. Simply let the propane company know how many gallons of propane you would like them to deliver, and they will do their best to accommodate your request. You may need to have more frequent deliveries if you choose to take this path.

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